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Birthday Giraffe - Birthday CardBirthday Giraffe - Birthday Card
Sausage Dog Birthday - Birthday CardSausage Dog Birthday - Birthday Card
Birthday Frog - Birthday CardBirthday Frog - Birthday Card
Colouring Echidna - Australian Birthday CardColouring Echidna - Australian Birthday Card
Cockatoos and Cake - Australian Birthday CardCockatoos and Cake - Australian Birthday Card
Platypus Birthday - Australian Birthday CardPlatypus Birthday - Australian Birthday Card
Birthday Elephant - Birthday CardBirthday Elephant - Birthday Card
Birthday Turtle - Birthday CardBirthday Turtle - Birthday Card
Gin Party - Greeting CardGin Party - Greeting Card
Gin Party - Greeting Card
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Good Beer - Greeting CardGood Beer - Greeting Card
Good Beer - Greeting Card
Sale price$7.20
Whisky O'Clock - Greeting CardWhisky O'Clock - Greeting Card
Wine Time - Greeting CardWine Time - Greeting Card
Wine Time - Greeting Card
Sale price$7.20
Wombat's Present - Australian Birthday CardWombat's Present - Australian Birthday Card
Birthday Whale - Birthday CardBirthday Whale - Birthday Card
The Bear who Loves Cake - Birthday CardThe Bear who Loves Cake - Birthday Card
Koala Cupcake - Australian Birthday CardKoala Cupcake - Australian Birthday Card
Happy Cake Day - Birthday CardHappy Cake Day - Birthday Card
Birthday Octopus - Birthday CardBirthday Octopus - Birthday Card
Stack of Gifts - Birthday CardStack of Gifts - Birthday Card
Birthday Fish - Birthday CardBirthday Fish - Birthday Card
Birthday Book - Birthday CardBirthday Book - Birthday Card
Dancing in Balloons - Greeting CardDancing in Balloons - Greeting Card
Cake Delivery - Greeting CardCake Delivery - Greeting Card
Cupcake Garden - Greeting CardCupcake Garden - Greeting Card
Cupcake Carnival - Greeting CardCupcake Carnival - Greeting Card
Cupcake Climbers - Greeting CardCupcake Climbers - Greeting Card
Cupcake Burglars - Greeting CardCupcake Burglars - Greeting Card
Cupcake Seaside - Greeting CardCupcake Seaside - Greeting Card
Cupcake Spaceman - Greeting CardCupcake Spaceman - Greeting Card
Cat in a Balloon - Birthday CardCat in a Balloon - Birthday Card
Birthday Type - Birthday CardBirthday Type - Birthday Card
Happy Birthday Spots and Crosses - Birthday CardHappy Birthday Spots and Crosses - Birthday Card
Happy Birthday Spots - Birthday CardHappy Birthday Spots - Birthday Card
The Man who Lived in a Balloon - Greeting CardThe Man who Lived in a Balloon - Greeting Card
Ice Cream with a View - Greeting CardIce Cream with a View - Greeting Card
Ice Cream Date - Loving CardIce Cream Date - Loving Card
Ice Cream Climbers - Greeting CardIce Cream Climbers - Greeting Card
One Birthday Cake - 1st Birthday CardOne Birthday Cake - 1st Birthday Card
Number One - 1st Birthday CardNumber One - 1st Birthday Card
Number Two - 2nd Birthday CardNumber Two - 2nd Birthday Card
Number Three - 3rd Birthday CardNumber Three - 3rd Birthday Card
Number Four - 4th Birthday CardNumber Four - 4th Birthday Card
Number Five - 5th Birthday CardNumber Five - 5th Birthday Card
Number Six - 6th Birthday CardNumber Six - 6th Birthday Card
Number Seven - 7th Birthday CardNumber Seven - 7th Birthday Card
Number Eight - 8th Birthday CardNumber Eight - 8th Birthday Card
Number Nine - 9th Birthday CardNumber Nine - 9th Birthday Card
Number Ten - 10th Birthday CardNumber Ten - 10th Birthday Card
Number Eleven - 11th Birthday CardNumber Eleven - 11th Birthday Card
Number Twelve - 12th Birthday CardNumber Twelve - 12th Birthday Card

Greeting Cards Melbourne

This whimsical unique birthday card collection is the most fun, and by far the most popular of our greeting card collections. What's not to love in this assortment of native Australian animals on birthday cards, and furry foreign friends celebrating and bringing joy to everyone around them! Tiny people climb and play amongst the unique birthday card designs, and quirky drawings of birthday cakes mark milestone events for all stages of life.

Every greeting card in this collection was hand drawn by Melbourne artist Emily May using fine liner pens, and then coloured digitally, before being printed on high quality recycled paper.

Stock up on handmade Christmas cards or buy bulk birthday cards for your friends and family by ordering greeting cards online! No need to rush out to the shops the morning of an event to grab a whimsical wedding card, new baby card, or cute birthday card. Be organised and buy greeting cards online in advance.

When you buy Melbourne made greeting cards online from the source you are directly supporting the Melbourne artist, and all the creative Australian small businesses in their network. Every time you order an Australian made greeting card from The Nonsense Maker these two women do a little happy dance! Hooray!