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Overgrown Stories - Art PrintOvergrown Stories - Art Print
Overgrown Stories - Art Print
Sale priceFrom $70.00
Treasure Island - Art PrintTreasure Island - Art Print
Treasure Island - Art Print
Sale price$35.00
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Art PrintAlice's Adventures in Wonderland - Art Print
Little Women - Art PrintLittle Women - Art Print
Little Women - Art Print
Sale price$35.00
Anne Of Green Gables - Art PrintAnne Of Green Gables - Art Print
The Secret Garden - Art PrintThe Secret Garden - Art Print
Pride and Prejudice - Art PrintPride and Prejudice - Art Print
Peter Pan - Art PrintPeter Pan - Art Print
Peter Pan - Art Print
Sale price$35.00
Sherlock Holmes - Art PrintSherlock Holmes - Art Print
Sherlock Holmes - Art Print
Sale price$35.00
Gulliver's Travels - Art PrintGulliver's Travels - Art Print
Oscar Wilde Short Stories - Art PrintOscar Wilde Short Stories - Art Print
The Wizard of Oz - Art PrintThe Wizard of Oz - Art Print
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Frankenstein - Art PrintFrankenstein - Art Print
Frankenstein - Art Print
Sale price$35.00
The Jungle Book - Art PrintThe Jungle Book - Art Print
The Jungle Book - Art Print
Sale price$35.00
Pinocchio - Art PrintPinocchio - Art Print
Pinocchio - Art Print
Sale price$35.00
Hans Andersen Fairy Tales - Art PrintHans Andersen Fairy Tales - Art Print

Introducing our collection of book art prints! These unique and quirky prints are made in Australia, and make the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you're looking for a new piece of art for your home or office, or need a unique gift for a special someone, our book art prints are sure to work wonderfully on the wall, bookshelf, or mantelpiece.

The Nonsense Maker’s whimsical wall art prints start out as finely detailed line drawing art. Beginning with a pencil sketch before moving to pen, a method called crosshatching is used to create the depth and the tone you see in the resulting fine art print. This fine line art is then scanned into a computer and coloured digitally. All our wall art prints are printed with fade-resistant pigment ink, giving them the same life span as a painting. Have a look at our original artwork collection to see how The Nonsense Maker’s art prints look before they are coloured!

At The Nonsense Maker we do all the artwork ourselves in Melbourne, which means we can work with you to create something unique and wonderful, big or small! Custom wall art prints make an extra special gift to friends and family (or to yourself!). If you have some Nonsense you want to see come to life let us know through our commission enquiries page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Did you know you can also buy framed art prints from The Nonsense Maker? For more details on custom framing visit our framed art prints page!