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Australian Native Kitchen - Art Tea TowelsAustralian Native Kitchen - Art Tea Towels
Melbourne Teapot - Art Tea TowelsMelbourne Teapot - Art Tea Towels
Aussie Teacup - Art Tea TowelsAussie Teacup - Art Tea Towels
My Australian Kitchen - Art Tea TowelsMy Australian Kitchen - Art Tea Towels
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Book Lovers - Art Tea TowelsBook Lovers - Art Tea Towels
Italian Kitchen - Art Tea TowelsItalian Kitchen - Art Tea Towels
Parachute Whale - Art Tea TowelsParachute Whale - Art Tea Towels
Australian Christmas Animals - Christmas Tea TowelsAustralian Christmas Animals - Christmas Tea Towels

More about Australian Art Tea Towels

The Nonsense Maker HQ is based in Melbourne, Australia. All of our art tea towels and Australian souvenir tea towels are imagined and designed in our studio, before being printed locally in Melbourne. Our wonderful local machinists, Karen and studio neighbour Dandy N then sew them together, ready to send to you! To learn more about our sustainability values see our story.

Melbourne artist Emily May imagines the design for her quirky art tea towels from a whimsical world where her alter ego The Nonsense Maker was born. Some designs for are art tea towels are brand new illustrations, while others are drawn from older art prints or inspired by Australian greeting card designs. this means they make wonderful Australian souvenir tea towels!

Practical and beautiful, these art tea towels can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone! The Nonsense Maker's Australian souvenir tea towels make a wonderful gift because they are light weight and easy to travel with, or can be easily and safely shipped to far away friends.

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