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Teacup Aussie Beach - Australian Greeting CardTeacup Aussie Beach - Australian Greeting Card
Teacup Camping Cockatoo - Australian Greeting CardTeacup Camping Cockatoo - Australian Greeting Card
Teacup Koala House - Australian Greeting CardTeacup Koala House - Australian Greeting Card
Heart of Flowers - Loving CardHeart of Flowers - Loving Card
The Adventure Begins - Greeting CardThe Adventure Begins - Greeting Card
House with Flowers - Greeting CardHouse with Flowers - Greeting Card
Gin Party - Greeting CardGin Party - Greeting Card
Gin Party - Greeting Card
Sale price$7.20
Wine Time - Greeting CardWine Time - Greeting Card
Wine Time - Greeting Card
Sale price$7.20
Good Beer - Greeting CardGood Beer - Greeting Card
Good Beer - Greeting Card
Sale price$7.20
Whisky O'Clock - Greeting CardWhisky O'Clock - Greeting Card
Teacup of Melbourne - Greeting CardTeacup of Melbourne - Greeting Card
Teacup of Sydney - Greeting CardTeacup of Sydney - Greeting Card
Teacup of N.T - Greeting CardTeacup of N.T - Greeting Card
Teacup of Tassie - Greeting CardTeacup of Tassie - Greeting Card
Teacup of Queensland - Greeting CardTeacup of Queensland - Greeting Card
Teacup of W.A - Greeting CardTeacup of W.A - Greeting Card
Teacup of Adelaide - Greeting CardTeacup of Adelaide - Greeting Card
Teacup Canberra - Greeting CardTeacup Canberra - Greeting Card
Teacup Great Ocean Road - Greeting CardTeacup Great Ocean Road - Greeting Card
Flying Fish - Greeting CardFlying Fish - Greeting Card
Alice and the Flamingo - Whimsical Greeting CardsAlice and the Flamingo - Whimsical Greeting Cards
Alice and the Rose - Whimsical Greeting CardsAlice and the Rose - Whimsical Greeting Cards
Home on a Bicycle - Greeting CardHome on a Bicycle - Greeting Card
Gramophone - Greeting CardGramophone - Greeting Card
Ship in a Bottle - Greeting CardShip in a Bottle - Greeting Card
Amazing - Handmade Greeting CardsAmazing - Handmade Greeting Cards
Tree in a Teacup  - Greeting CardTree in a Teacup  - Greeting Card
To the Person I Miss the Most - Greeting CardTo the Person I Miss the Most - Greeting Card
New Adventure - Greeting CardNew Adventure - Greeting Card
Cake Delivery - Greeting CardCake Delivery - Greeting Card
Cupcake Carnival - Greeting CardCupcake Carnival - Greeting Card
Cupcake Climbers - Greeting CardCupcake Climbers - Greeting Card
Cupcake Garden - Greeting CardCupcake Garden - Greeting Card
Cupcake Seaside - Greeting CardCupcake Seaside - Greeting Card
Cupcake Burglars - Greeting CardCupcake Burglars - Greeting Card
Cupcake Spaceman - Greeting CardCupcake Spaceman - Greeting Card
Ice Cream Date - Loving CardIce Cream Date - Loving Card
Ice Cream Climbers - Greeting CardIce Cream Climbers - Greeting Card
Ice Cream with a View - Greeting CardIce Cream with a View - Greeting Card
New Home - Greeting CardNew Home - Greeting Card
New Home - Greeting Card
Sale price$7.20
Bon Voyage - Greeting CardBon Voyage - Greeting Card
Shrimp Cocktail - Greeting CardShrimp Cocktail - Greeting Card
The Man who Lived in a Balloon - Greeting CardThe Man who Lived in a Balloon - Greeting Card
Two of Hearts - Loving CardTwo of Hearts - Loving Card
Eggcellent Dad - Father's Day CardEggcellent Dad - Father's Day Card
Mum Sized Coffee - Greeting CardMum Sized Coffee - Greeting Card
Dad Sized Coffee - Father's Day CardDad Sized Coffee - Father's Day Card
Mum Sized Wine - Greeting CardMum Sized Wine - Greeting Card
Pocket Watch - Greeting CardPocket Watch - Greeting Card
You are Pretty Much Perfect - Loving CardYou are Pretty Much Perfect - Loving Card

Greeting Cards Melbourne

This collection of any occasion greeting cards can be given to any of your friends or family, at any time of the year. The non-specific illustrations are playfully unique, and take inspiration from a wide range of places in our artist's imagination. These any occasion greeting cards are perfect to say hello, thank you, god luck, farewell, and an assortment of other greeting card occasions.

Every greeting card in this collection was hand drawn by Melbourne artist Emily May using fine liner pens, and then coloured digitally, before being printed on high quality recycled paper.

Stock up on handmade Christmas cards or buy bulk birthday cards for your friends and family by ordering greeting cards online! No need to rush out to the shops the morning of an event to grab a whimsical wedding card, new baby card, or cute birthday card. Be organised and buy greeting cards online in advance.

When you buy Melbourne made greeting cards online from the source you are directly supporting the Melbourne artist, and all the creative Australian small businesses in their network. Every time you order an Australian made greeting card from The Nonsense Maker these two women do a little happy dance! Hooray!