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Limited Time only

Alice Prints - Special Limited Release

Back from the depths of the Nonsense Maker archives, these whimsical Alice in Wonderland playing card illustrations are back for a very special and extremely limited release. Available until sold out.

'Whimsical' is the word! The Nonsense Maker is a delightful, skilled and creative illustrator whose art pieces lift your spirits!

Leonie S.

Original Art

Find Something Unique

Looking for a totally unique artwork that no one else in the world has? Explore our original artwork page! Each piece is a hand illustrated one of a kind Emily May original, signed by the artist.

About the Artist

Like many great adventurers, Emily May, best known by her alter ego ‘The Nonsense Maker’, lives rogue in a world ruled by imagination. By day you can spot her caffeine fuelled, roaming the inner laneways of Melbourne, and by night she explores secret passageways winding to worlds only accessible in dreams. From these worlds she conjures her images to capture the nonsensical in its limitless bloom and draw from the moment of where dreaming meets reality.

Art Prints Melbourne

Melbourne artist Emily May imagines her quirky Australian art prints from a whimsical world where her alter ego The Nonsense Maker was born. Highly detailed, sometimes silly and always wonderful, her wall art prints are a playful reflection of her Melbourne childhood.

The Nonsense Maker HQ is based in Brunswick, Melbourne. All of our unique art prints are imagined, drawn, and produced in Melbourne and manufactured using all local Australian suppliers. Our two female founders are both Melbourne born and raised, and much of our art print inspiration is drawn from Melbourne's vibrant laneways and many hidden secrets.

Our art prints Melbourne production location means we can ship quickly anywhere in Australia. All wall art is beautifully packaged with a sturdy vintage book inspired backing board, and is shipped safely in a secure damage resistant box so we can guarantee it will arrive safely.

All of our unique art prints also come with a whimsical description of the inspiration behind the art print.

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