Framed Wall Art FAQs

Framing art prints

Getting your artwork custom framed is the nicest option. The framer will work with you to choose the perfect frame to suit your room and your piece of art print.

At The Nonsense Maker we use Forman Art & Framing for all our custom framing.

Whilst custom framing is beautiful it can be expensive. Frames Readymade in Brunswick offer beautiful custom frames in standard sizes and can be a cheaper alternative to custom framing.

All of The Nonsense Maker's art prints are standard sizes (A5, A4, or A3). This means you can find alternative framing options online, or in stores like Ikea or spotlight.

Wall art prints are an expression of yourself and are the perfect way to make a space uniquely your own. Framed art is about finding the right balance of size, colour and composition, and it can be tricky. If you are feeling a little lost on how to frame art prints you can always ask your framer, or check out our blog page for tips for decorating with wall art.

Framing art tea towels

It is entirely up to you! Our art tea towels and Australian souvenir tea towels can be used in the kitchen or hung on the wall as art, making them a practical and beautiful gift!

We display our art tea towels in a timber tea towel frame, such as those made by Corner Block Studio, but there are lots of ways you can frame or display an art tea towel!

For more tea towel framing ideas read our blog post about creative ways to hang tea towel art.

Wall art sizing

Our art prints come in three standard sizes.

A5 Art Prints: 148.5 x 210 mm

A4 Art Prints: 210 x 297 mm

A3 Art Prints: 297 x 420 mm

All of our art tea towels are 40cm x 65cm.

Our beautiful framing is thanks to our wonderful framers at
Forman Art & Framing.

Need inspiration? You can see more framing options on their website and social media pages.