Our tips for decorating with art

Our tips for decorating with art

There are endless ways to express yourself with wall art! Here are our top tips on how to get the most out of decorating with art.

Decorating with wall art is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your home or workplace. The type of artworks you like is a little window into your personality, a way to project a bit of who you are into the space you inhabit. There are endless ways to express yourself with wall art, but here are our top tips on how to get the most out of decorating with art. 



Choosing your wall art décor

Pay attention fellow nonsense makers, because I’m about to share our number one tip for choosing wall art décor for your home. Drumroll please… Buy art because you love it, not because it ‘goes’ with your other things. So often I see people torn between choosing between a design that they absolutely love, and one that would match their rug, or couch, or bed sheets. The best thing about art is it is entirely personal, and a true reflection of your unique aesthetic. This is what makes you so wonderfully you! All in all, if it speaks to you and makes you happy, it ‘goes’.

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Filling a big space with wall art

One thing that makes us uncomfortable: large blank white walls. They are, however, notoriously hard to fill. Try these hints next time you’re faced with a big empty space.

Large scale wall art decor

One option is to invest in a large scale painting, or canvas art print that fills the space. These are great for making a statement and have a huge presence in your home. They can be a bit on the expensive side, but absolutely worth it if you have the means! We love the beautiful bright colours and stunning compositions of Melbourne artist Andria Beighton, or if you are after something a little more moody check out Chloe Planinsek.

Decorate with an art tea towel

An art tea towel is an amazing way to fill a large space. They add a playful point of different to your walls, and also a bit of fun texture! Art tea towels are usually quite large, and will cost a little less than an art print or original artwork of a similar size. Show off the fabric by hanging them in an open frame, rather than behind glass.

artist tea towel hanging in a frame

Create a gallery wall

This is by far my favourite way to fill a big empty wall! A gallery wall is a collection of framed art prints, photos, and other personal trinkets all hung in a group together on the wall. They can be all different shapes and sizes, and you can even frame and hang those old greeting cards you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of or give away. The best thing about a gallery wall is you have the freedom to add new art prints as your budget allows, or swap out pieces you are no longer loving!

Hint: measure out the space on your floor and lay the artworks out before you hang them. This allows you to play with the composition without putting a thousand holes in your wall. Getting the right balance can be a little tricky, just remember to keep moving and swapping things around until you are happy!

Matt your art prints

Here is a secret (that I tell everybody). If you have a big space but your wall art prints are on the smaller side, have it framed with a matt board. This gives the art print a bigger presence on the wall, and also looks great!


Filling a small space with wall art

Small spaces can prove just as tricky (if not more so) as large spaces when it comes to decorating with art. Here are a few solutions for the wall space-impaired.


A5 art prints

With our growing population apartment living is getting more and more popular in Australia, meaning wall space is getting more and more limited. Mini A5 art prints are great because they can easily hang in those little gaps between doors and windows, or even be a fun addition the shelves on your bookshelf!

Greeting cards as artworks

We love using unique greeting cards as a kind of makeshift mini art print to fill small spaces! If you’re not committed to getting your greeting cards framed (perhaps you still want to be able to read those lovely heartfelt messages inside!) Corner Block Studio have a brilliant card frame that lets you change it up whenever you want without damaging the greeting card.


Creating themes with art print sets

Hanging a few pieces from the same print set, or the same artist, throughout your home is a nice way to carry a theme between different rooms. This is a fun way to incorporate complimentary pieces if you don’t have space for a gallery wall.


Using colour when decorating with art

We love colourful wall art prints and the way they brighten up a space. As far as we’re concerned to brighter the better! Our friends at Forman Art and Framing have an amazing range of coloured frames that can bring your art prints to life. Choosing your favourite colour from the piece and matching the frame to it will draw the eye to those elements of the artwork, and make them stand out. 

If you are decorating with art with neutral or subdued colour pallets, hanging them on a coloured feature wall is a wonderful way to make them pop! We use this trick all the time in our Nonsense Maker photoshoots. Keep in mind coloured walls can dictate the feel of your room. We love Navy and Dark green for a moody and sophisticated vibe, or pale pinks and blue for a lighter more playful feel.



If you can’t hang your wall art decor, lean it!

Maybe you’re renting a space that doesn’t allow picture hooks, or have pesky hard brick or concrete walls that refuse to be drilled into? Or maybe that giant artwork you love is way too heavy to hang on the wall. Don’t let that stop you from decorating with art! Art prints can still enrich a space beautifully leaning against a wall on a mantle piece or table, or nestled on a bookshelf.

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We can help

Whatever the space you are decorating with art the most important thing is that it is a reflection of you and your personality. If you have a question about decorating with art feel free to send a message to us here at The Nonsense Maker, we will try our best to help you out!


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