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Teacup Camping Cockatoo - Australian Greeting CardTeacup Camping Cockatoo - Australian Greeting Card
Teacup Koala House - Australian Greeting CardTeacup Koala House - Australian Greeting Card
Teacup Aussie Beach - Australian Greeting CardTeacup Aussie Beach - Australian Greeting Card
Cockatoos and Cake - Australian Birthday CardCockatoos and Cake - Australian Birthday Card
Colouring Echidna - Australian Birthday CardColouring Echidna - Australian Birthday Card
Koala Cupcake - Australian Birthday CardKoala Cupcake - Australian Birthday Card
Platypus Birthday - Australian Birthday CardPlatypus Birthday - Australian Birthday Card
Wombat's Present - Australian Birthday CardWombat's Present - Australian Birthday Card
Thanks Koala - Australian Greeting CardThanks Koala - Australian Greeting Card
Emu with a Baby - Card for NewbornEmu with a Baby - Card for Newborn
Aussie Food Gift TagsAussie Food Gift Tags
Aussie Food Gift Tags
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Teacup of Melbourne - Greeting CardTeacup of Melbourne - Greeting Card
Teacup of Sydney - Greeting CardTeacup of Sydney - Greeting Card
Teacup of N.T - Greeting CardTeacup of N.T - Greeting Card
Teacup of Tassie - Greeting CardTeacup of Tassie - Greeting Card
Teacup of W.A - Greeting CardTeacup of W.A - Greeting Card
Teacup of Adelaide - Greeting CardTeacup of Adelaide - Greeting Card
Teacup of Queensland - Greeting CardTeacup of Queensland - Greeting Card
Teacup Great Ocean Road - Greeting CardTeacup Great Ocean Road - Greeting Card
Teacup Canberra - Greeting CardTeacup Canberra - Greeting Card
Platypus Mum - Australian Mother's Day CardPlatypus Mum - Australian Mother's Day Card
Koala Dad - Father's Day CardKoala Dad - Father's Day Card
Super Mum - Australian Mother's Day CardSuper Mum - Australian Mother's Day Card
I love Pavlova - Australian Christmas cardI love Pavlova - Australian Christmas card
Koala Love - Loving CardKoala Love - Loving Card
Koala Love - Loving Card
Sale price$7.20
Wombat's Valentine - Valentine's Day CardWombat's Valentine - Valentine's Day Card
Koala Christmas Tree - Christmas CardKoala Christmas Tree - Christmas Card
Kangaroo Christmas - Christmas CardKangaroo Christmas - Christmas Card
Aussie Christmas - Christmas CardAussie Christmas - Christmas Card
Aussie Snack Tree - Christmas CardAussie Snack Tree - Christmas Card
Christmas Lunch - Christmas CardChristmas Lunch - Christmas Card
Possum Santa - Christmas CardPossum Santa - Christmas Card
Easter Bilby - Easter Greeting CardEaster Bilby - Easter Greeting Card

Greeting Cards Melbourne

This Australian greeting card collection is full of quirky designs that are perfect to send to your friends and family overseas, Australian or otherwise. An assortment of familiar characters, landmarks, and favourite Australian childhood snacks give this collection of Aussie greeting cards a wonderful nostalgic feeling to any local Australian. The Australian greeting card collection is also the perfect non-tacky tourist gift to take home and remember your travels in Aus!

Every greeting card in this collection was hand drawn by Melbourne artist Emily May using fine liner pens, and then coloured digitally, before being printed on high quality recycled paper.

Stock up on handmade Christmas cards or buy bulk birthday cards for your friends and family by ordering greeting cards online! No need to rush out to the shops the morning of an event to grab a whimsical wedding card, new baby card, or cute birthday card. Be organised and buy greeting cards online in advance.

When you buy Melbourne made greeting cards online from the source you are directly supporting the Melbourne artist, and all the creative Australian small businesses in their network. Every time you order an Australian made greeting card from The Nonsense Maker these two women do a little happy dance! Hooray!