Tea Towel Art: 10 Fun Ways to Hang Tea Towels as Art!

Tea Towel Art: 10 Fun Ways to Hang Tea Towels as Art!

So you’ve discovered the most wonderful art tea towel Australia has to offer, how do you display it? This quirky and creative guide will teach you the best ways to frame and hang tea towel art in your kitchen or throughout your home.

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So you’ve found the most wonderful, beautiful, amazing art tea towel Australia has to offer. Do you hide it away in a draw only to be pulled out to mop up spills and hold hot plates? No way! Whether you're an avid collector of illustrated tea towels or just looking for some fun and unique ways to decorate your home, this quirky and creative guide will teach you the best ways to hang tea towel art in your kitchen and throughout your home.

Art tea towel hanging on a white wall next to an arm chair.

How to frame tea towel art

One of the easiest ways to turn a tea towel into wall art is to frame it. Look for large frames that fit the size of your tea towel, or go even bigger and place your tea towel in front or behind a matt board. This will give the piece an even larger presence on your wall and make more of a statement.

Traditional frames

Hanging your tea towel art behind glass is a great way to transform an everyday kitchen item into a work of art! This is also a great option for hanging Australian souvenir tea towels that you want to keep safe and protected.

Traditional frames most often come in tones of wood, black, or white, which can be easily matched to your home interior. Create a cohesive display by choosing frames in similar styles or colours to your other frames and furniture.

Where to buy tea towel frames in Melbourne

Melbourne (and Australia) has heaps of great custom and semi-custom framing options. Here are some in Melbourne that we love:

Open frames

Open frames, often called poster hangers or tea towel frames, have a strip of wood at the top and bottom held together with magnets or string. We love open frames for hanging tea towel art because it allows you to see and touch the fabric that makes it special, and that distinguishes it from a regular art print. We recommend Corner Block Studio, who are a great ethical Australian brand that make beautiful hardwood tea towel frames. Alternatively, you can find other options online.

Art tea towel hanging on a blue background.

Coloured and mismatched frames

Here at The Nonsense Maker we are not ones to shy away from colour – just take a look at some of our whimsical art prints and you’ll see for yourself! For a more quirky option we love using colourful frames. Choose your favourite colour in the artwork, no matter how small, and match the frame to that colour. This will your draw the eye to that chosen colour, pulling it out and making it the focal point of the artwork.

If you need a little help in the styling department don’t be shy, it’s not as easy as it looks! Ask your local framer for help or reach out to us Nonsense Makers for advice.

Art print in an orange frame hanging above a mantle.

More ways to hang tea towel art

Use a rod and clips

Hanging tea towel art on a rod with clips can add a quirky homey feel to your kitchen. Attach a rod to your wall and clip your art tea towels to it. You can even switch out your illustrated tea towels with the seasons as rotating artworks!

On a clothesline

Channel your inner country charm with a clothesline style display for your tea towel art. Use twine and clothespins to create a DIY clothesline across your kitchen, and hang your art tea towels for a fun and playful display.

In a basket

If you have a collection of illustrated tea towels that you love, display them in a basket. This adds a quirky touch to your kitchen while keeping your tea towels easily accessible for everyday use.

As a curtain

Who needs traditional curtains when you can hang tea towels instead? Attach a rod to your window frame and use clips to hang your illustrated tea towels from it. This is a great option to add some fun colour and personality to your home.

On a ladder

Repurpose a vintage ladder as a unique display for your illustrated tea towels. Lean the ladder against the wall and drape your art tea towels over the rungs.

Pegboard display

A pegboard is a useful and practical way to hang your tea towels art. Hang a pegboard on your kitchen wall and use S-hooks to hang your illustrated art tea towels. This is also a great option for storing and displaying other kitchen things like pots and pans.

Art tea towel hanging on a green wall in a mid-century style lounge room.

Where to buy an art tea towel Australia designed and made?

The Nonsense Maker

Not to toot our own horn, but we think our illustrated tea towels are really wonderful. The tea towel art is hand drawn and ethically produced in Melbourne, Australia, and each art tea towel is beautifully printed by our friends at Next State Print in Thornbury. The art tea towels are then sewn by either our studio neighbour Neroli at Dandy N, or the excellent Karen from Melbourne Sewing and Pattern Making in West Melbourne.

Visit design markets

There is no shortage of amazing craft and design markets in Melbourne, and across Australia! Here is a list of our favourite design markets where you are sure to find a range of independent local artist creating and selling unique tea towel art.

Buy tea towel art online

Support independent artists all across Australia by searching for unique tea towel art online. Many Australian artists have online stores or sell directly through Instagram, and will be more than happy to answer any questions you have!

Why choose an art tea towel Australia made?

There are so many great reasons to buy an art tea towel Australia designed and made. Aside from having so many wonderful Australian options to choose from, there are also these awesome benefits to consider:

  • Australian laws guarantee ethical working conditions and fair labour practices for the people who produce the art tea towels.
  • Shopping local helps small business thrive, which has the added bonus of being great for the Australian economy as a whole.
  • Buying from local artists means you are actively supporting a culture of creativity and craftsmanship.
  • Australian made tea towels are made from better quality materials, which means they will last longer and be more sustainable in the long term. 

Stack of art tea towels with a tag that reads "Made in Melbourne"

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