Our top tips: What to write in a greeting card

Our top tips: What to write in a greeting card

We love cards, but we know we aren’t the only ones who struggle to write a heartfelt message. We’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you and gathered our top tips on writing in a greeting card, whatever the occasion!

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If you’re like us Nonsense Makers you love the wonderful world of cute birthday cards, baby cards, Mother’s Day cards, Father’s Day cards, Valentine’s Day cards, and all the other occasions (and non-occasions) that gives us an excuse to give out a greeting card!  

If we are honest, for us it’s got a lot do with the pretty pictures on the front. We know we aren’t the only ones who struggle to write a heartfelt message, so we’ve decided to do some of the heavy lifting for you and gathered our top tips on what to write in a card, whatever the occasion! Following on from our previous blog posts, what to write in a birthday card, and what to write in a Christmas card, here are some useful tips to get your well wishes flowing.


What to write in a Mother’s Day card or Father’s day card

We know you love your mums and dads, and chances are they know it too, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t eager to get it in writing! Let them know how much you appreciate having them in your life, and thank them specifically for the impact they have had over the past year, or in your life in general with a heartfelt mum or dad card. You could also share a memory from your childhood when little you felt especially lucky to have them around.

We understand these days can be hard on some people. Sharing the love on Mother’s day and Father’s day doesn’t have to stop with you own parents. You can also share your appreciation for your Grandma or Grandpa, a sibling that is a great parent to your favourite little nieces and nephews, or any other parental figure in your life.



What to write in a Valentine’s Day card

Every relationship is special and unique with its own little quirks, so first you’ll need to find a Valentine’s day card to reflect that! Our friends at Able and Game seem to have countless cards that are seemingly too specific to be a coincidence, or you could stick with a more classic love card.

Maybe you’re not a natural poet, and that’s ok. A romantic quote from literature could be just the thing to get those romantic sentiments flowing. From there your best option is to dig deep and be totally honest, you can’t go wrong! 

Take a look at our previous Valentine’s Day blog for more Valentine’s Day date ideas.

Images: Able and Game

Images: Able and Game


What to write in a Sympathy card

Writing a sympathy greeting card to a friend or family member is never an occasion we look forward to, and we find people can often be overwhelmed or overthink these messages. It is normal to feel some pressure to say the right thing (or at least not say the wrong thing). Remember that telling someone that you care and offering your  support, even in the simplest words, means more than a thousand carefully chosen words in tough times.

Here are some simple but sweet sentiments you could use:

  • Sending my love

  • Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time

  • We share in your sadness as we remember [name]

  • Thinking of you

  • I am so sorry for your loss

Following up with a second greeting card some time afterwards is also a wonderful way to show you are still thinking of them, even after the initial wave of flowers and well-wishes have subsided.

For a more in-depth guide on writing sympathy cards take a look at our blog post what to write on a sympathy card.


What to write in an Engagement or Wedding card

When writing an engagement card you can focus on the journey the couple have been on, and commend them on overcoming any obstacles or struggles they faced on their way to being together. Or if it’s been relatively smooth sailing you can congratulate them on that too! It’s also nice to share memories of good times you’ve had with them together or individually, and let them know how excited you are to see them starting on this new an adventure together.

A wedding card is pretty similar to an engagement card, but this time you can add a thanks for the party!  


What to write in a baby shower card or new baby card

Welcome to the world baby Nonsense Makers! If it is a greeting card for a pregnant friend or a friend who has already had the baby, we say cliché away for that that bun in the oven or fresh faced little bundle of joy. Welcome them to the world, and if you can spare it offer your help and support (we hear new babies are tough!).

You can also add wishes for the baby’s future saying something like “I hope they are/were born with your [insert your favourite attribute of the parent/parents]”. An example could be their wonderful taste in art, a real love of cheese, or an excellent head of hair. Sign off with something extra cheesy, like coochie-coo, tickled pink, happy snuggling, hugs and kisses…you get the gist!


What to write in an Easter card

Hip hop hooray, happy day of chocolate! Not everyone one celebrates Easter in the traditional sense, but I think we can agree there are few things that compare to the cuteness of a little kid hunting for eggs wearing giant rabbit ears and carrying a tiny basket.

We created Easter greeting cards for the first time this year, and boy were they fun to draw! Admittedly this one is a little new to us, so feel free to take a look and draw some inspiration from this list of Easter greetings. If the card is for the kiddies you can have the ‘Easter Bunny’ write it himself and leave it for them to find!

Easter-bilby-card (1).jpg

What to write in a Thank you card

We feel like we’ve been sending thank you cards out in bulk this past year! We are so appreciative to all our friends, family and wonderful Nonsense Maker fans who supported us all the way. What to write in a thank you card really depends on what it is that you are thankful for. Is it a kind act, or a gift you received or maybe it’s the impact that person has had on your life as a whole. Whatever it is be sure to let them know!


Nurse-and-doctor-cards (1).jpg

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