Unique Kris Kringle Gifts Australia: Gifts Under $50

Unique Kris Kringle Gifts Australia: Gifts Under $50

Buying handmade from Australian brands this Christmas is not as hard or expensive as you think! Here is a list of amazing Australian made Kris Kringle gifts all under $50, and all ethically made by Aussie brands.

Finding unique ideas for Kris Kringle gifts (aka unique Secret Santa gifts) that fall within the allocated budget can be a daunting task. They often end up being purchased last minute from big department stores, are usually mass produced overseas, and are not all that unique. 

We have made this guide to show you that buying handmade and shopping from Australian brands this Christmas is not as hard – or expensive – as you think! This list of amazing Australian made Kris Kringle gifts are all under $50 and are all made by ethical Aussie brands. This guide represents just a few of many excellent reasons to support Australian made this Christmas, and make the switch to unique Kris Kringle gifts! 

Hand illustrated text 'Merry Christmas' on a stack of gifts

Quirky Art Tea Towels

Artists designed tea towels are a great gifts for anyone. They can be used in the kitchen or hung on the wall as art, so they make for very practical and unique Kris Kringle gifts. This is especially true if you don’t know the recipient all that well, which is often the case.

Art tea towels also make excellent souvenirs for travellers and Christmas visitors! They are small, lightweight, and easy to transport without damage. These Aussie Teacup design art tea towels by The Nonsense Maker are ethically sewn in Melbourne, and printed on high quality cotton/linen fabric, so they are a wonderful Melbourne memento.

Art tea towel framed on the wall 

Handmade Jewellery

We love Love Astrid and her bright fun jewellery and we know we are not alone! We have been watching this amazing Melbourne based jewellery brand grow steadily over the past few years as more and more Australians discover her handmade treasures. Astrid describes her art as bringing “a bit of light-heartedness, a dash of playfulness and whole lotta cheerfulness” to whoever wears it, and we couldn’t agree more!

Love Astrid has a range of fun earrings, bracelets, and even playful sunglasses chains to choose from. Amazingly, most of these pieces are under $50 (we know, what a bargain!) making them perfect and unique ideas for Kris Kringle gifts. 

Love Astrid Jewellery

A5 art prints

A5 art prints can fit nicely into a Kris Kringle budget, maybe even leaving you a little extra left over for a frame and a handmade Christmas card! We are so lucky here in Australia to have a thriving art scene offering all kinds of wonderful wall art in all kinds of different styles. Illustrations, water colours, paintings, printmaking, collage - you name it, you can find it. For example, take a look at these whimsical and unique A5 art prints by The Nonsense Maker (only $35 each!).

 A5 art prints framed on a blue wall

6 benefits of A5 art prints as Kris Kringle gifts

  • A5 art prints are an easy size to frame.
  • A5 art prints can be put in a gift box.
  • A5 art prints are perfect gifts for art lovers, especially if they have little wall space left.
  • A5 art prints can be put on bookshelves.
  • A5 art prints are easy to carry home from a Christmas party.
  • A5 art prints are usually within a Kris Kringle budget.


Ethical Shopping baskets


These are not your average shopping baskets. Pāli is a Melbourne based mother-daughter team doing wonderful things for the planet and its people. 

Pāli baskets are ethically made in Myanmar from a combination of new, reused and recycled pallet strapping, and if that wasn’t enough they are also SO pretty!

As far as ideas for Kris Kringle gifts go, this is one of our most practical while still being unique. Prices start at $30 for the extra mini size and come in a huge array of bright colours and fun combinations. 

Pali shopping bag

Playful Artist Calendars

What’s even better than a beautiful artwork hanging on your wall all year? How about having TWELEVE beautiful artworks hanging on your wall, that change every month! Well that is exactly what you will get when you own an artist calendar, and what makes them such good ideas for Kris Kringle gifts. Artist calendars are thoughtful, timely, and unique Kris Kringle gifts for your organised (and disorganised but hopefully soon to be organised) friends.

Hint: For more information take a look at our blog on why, when and where to buy a 2023 wall calendar.

2023 Artist calendar 

Ideas for Kris Kringle gifts for Kids

Even the most ethically conscious shoppers can be tempted to drop the ball when it comes to shopping for kids, but we are here to tell you there are so many awesome Aussie brands out there if you know where to look! Here are a couple of ideas for Kris Kringle gifts for kids that are unique, sustainable, and ethically made.

Cute kids clothing

Retrobub create beautiful hand sewn kids clothing made in Brunswick, Melbourne. These adorable designs mix cute Australian animals, 70’s inspired fabrics and colours, and high quality crafts(wo)manship in the best possible way! 

Fun kids games

The Little Potion Co. is run by two Australian sisters, this magical brand create play potion kits for kids. All the ingredients are eco-friendly, nature based and non-toxic, and are guaranteed to bring little imaginations to life in a magical and creative way.

Amazing books for kids

My Strange Shrinking Parents by Zeno Sworder is a stunning second Children’s book written and illustrated by Melbourne artist Zeno Sworder. It is a beautiful tale of loving parents who trade their height for their children’s need over the years. You can find Zeno in person most weekends at Rose Street Market in Fitzroy. 

Retrobub kangaroo jumpsuit

Buy Aussie Christmas cards  

Well done, You have come this far! So why not accompany your newly discovered unique Kris Kringle gifts with a handmade Christmas card from a local Australian artist? Melbourne has an entire world of quirky cards and stationery waiting to be discovered. Take a look at these whimsical illustrations by The Nonsense Maker!

Aussie Christmas Cards 

Where to find more handmade Australian brands this Christmas

Pop into one of these amazing upcoming 2022 design markets before the end of the year to explore a world of unique handmade Kris Kringle gift ideas.

Market stall display

You can do Kris Kringle better!

There are a number of classic and always popular Kris Kringle gifts that you can count on seeing every year without fail. These include hand cream, Cadbury favourites, wine, and candles. These are all fine gifts, but do they make unique Christmas presents? Definitely not! We hope this list has inspired you to look further than Myer or David Jones this Christmas and find unique Kris Kringle gifts Australia made, and make this gifting season a little more thoughtful and special.

Christmas gift tags

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