Why, where and how to buy a 2024 artist calendar

Why, where and how to buy a 2024 artist calendar

Nothing beats the feeling of hanging a fresh new calendar, full of white spaces that promise potential plans, adventures, and new year resolutions! We've created a guide on why we think calendars are amazing, what to look for, and where to get them!

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Nothing beats the feeling of opening up and hanging a fresh new artist made Australian wall calendar. Full of white spaces that promise potential plans, holidays, birthdays, adventures, and new year resolutions!

If you are new to the wonderful world of Australian artist calendar ownership you might be thinking “what is all the fuss about, I have a calendar on my phone”. Well we are here to tell you why you are better off getting yourself a beautiful artist calendar in 2024.

2024 wall calendar

An artist calendar is a rotating artwork

When you buy an Australian artist calendar for 2024 you are investing in not one, not five, but TWELVE incredible whimsical artworks to hang and make your walls beautiful all year round. What an absolute bargain! And the best bit is you get a new design every month so your walls can stay full of fresh wonderful designs.


Never forget a birthday in 2024

Write all the most important birthdays in your artist wall calendar at the start of the year, that way you don’t have to worry about forgetting and double booking things later down the track.

PRO TIP: Now that you are the organised type, and have the tools to remember all your favourite friends and family members birthdays, back it up with some awesome birthday cards! By buying a bundle of fun Australian made birthday cards at once you can be prepared for your next calendar event. You can save some money too if you’re savvy and buy bulk greeting cards online.

three animal birthday cards on blue background

See all your upcoming plans at a glance

Keeping all your plans and engagements together in one place is a start, but being able to visually see them spread across the coming weeks is how the most organised people stay organised. It also makes it easier to spot potential clashes in your schedule.


Having a artist calendar keeps other people in the loop

Having an artist wall calendar hanging in the kitchen, study, or another communal space in your home lets the rest of your household know your important upcoming plans. For example, perhaps if that big party you went to on Saturday night was written clearly on your wall calendar and hanging in plain sight, your housemate might have waited a few extra hours before beginning construction on their next noisy project that Sunday morning...


Artist calendars can be recycled.

It is a sad moment when the year comes to an end because it means we have to say goodbye to our last calendar and make space for a brand new one…or does it?

If you hate the idea of throwing your previous artist calendar away, why not recycle it! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Reuse the artworks in whimsical craft projects.
  • Frame your favourite month like an art print.
  • Make a collage of all the illustrations.
  • Glue your favourite drawings onto magnets and make fun accessories for your fridge.
  • Send homemade postcards to your wonderful friends and family.

HINT: You can find more tips for reusing your old wall calendar in our blog on displaying handmade Christmas cards!


A 2024 artist calendar is the perfect gift

Giving an Australian 2024 artist calendar as a gift is the perfect hint to your disorganised friends, or the perfect gift for your most organised friends!

By far the best thing about giving an artist calendar as a gift is that if the recipient loves it you have infinite birthday or Christmas gift ideas for years to come! How about a 2024 calendar next year, and 2025 the year after that?

How to know what style of artist calendar to buy?

There are so many wonderful artist designed calendars in Melbourne, so how do you choose one your friend will like? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Do they have art prints on their walls? Match the style of the calendar to the artwork they have hanging on their walls.
  • Choose a theme they like, such as botanical, ocean, Australian, etc.
  • Where will they most likely hang the calendar? For example, if they have a study or library/reeding nook, try a book themed wall calendar.

gallery wall of artworks by The Nonsense Maker

So now we’ve given you all the reason WHY you should buy a wall calendar for 2024, here is some info how HOW to buy a good 2024 artist wall calendar.


Where to buy an artist calendar for 2024

Most local artist who make a calendar will have a website or Instagram page where you can purchase their unique and ethical handmade calendar. Melbourne also has some awesome design markets where you can see the calendar in person before you buy. Check out The Rose Street Artist’s Market in Fitzroy every weekend, or The Big Design Market in December.


When to buy a 2024 wall calendar Australia

You can buy a 2024 artist calendar as soon as you having something to write in it! Some special occasions, like weddings and big exciting holidays are planned months and months in advance, so it is nice to have somewhere to write it down.

If you’d rather wait and get your wall calendar in December or in the new year, you can write your important plans down elsewhere and transfer them over later. You can use your phone, or if you prefer to be a bit old school like us you can carry a cute little pocket notebook around.

hand illustrated pocket notebooks on a wooden desk 

Things to look for when you buy a wall calendar for 2024

Buy artist calendars that start on Monday.

It’s the age old debate, and we know that everyone has an opinion and personal preference. Should a monthly wall calendar week begin on a Sunday or a Monday?

For us it is Monday. We think this is the most logical format for a few reasons:

  1. Weekend plans can be written across the two days.
  2. It is the first day of the working week.
  3. We think it’s generally way more logical!


Buy a wall calendar made in Australia.

When you buy an Australian artist wall calendar you are more likely to get important dates right, especially if the calendar has public holidays, school holidays or special events included. For example, a Melbourne wall calendar 2024 might have Victorian school holidays marked, and a Sydney made calendar might have New South Wales holidays marked. To avoid confusion you can also get a wall calendar with no marked holidays and write them in yourself.


Buy a calendar that is environmentally sustainable.

Unless you are the crafty type and recycle your calendar when the year is over (see examples above!), a wall calendar is generally thrown away in January. Buy a calendar that is both recyclable and made from recycled content so you are doing your bit to close the loop and look after our planet. 


Buy an artist calendar that is the right size.

The size of your artist calendar 2024 will depend on the space of the wall you wish to hang it on. While a larger calendar might have bigger spaces to write in and bigger pictures, sometimes a small A4 calendar is all you need.


2024 calendar size guide

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