Wedding Present Ideas Australia: A Complete Guide

Wedding Present Ideas Australia: A Complete Guide

The Nonsense Maker’s complete guide to Australian wedding presents, wishing wells, and unique gift ideas.
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This is going to be a HUGE year for weddings, and we are so here for it! We really feel for all those lockdown lovebirds that have waited it out, or perhaps postponed their big day - even multiple times for some. But the time has finally come to dance and drink and eat and give lovely wedding presents to celebrate our favourite people getting hitched!

These days most newlyweds have already been living together for a while, which means they probably already have the toaster, the kettle, the towels, and all the other practical but decidedly dull traditional wedding presents you might expect. If that means you are fresh out of ideas, here is our complete guide on wedding present ideas Australia made and uniquely heartfelt.

The wedding present for the couple who has everything – Money!

Before you read any further, ask yourself this question: Has the couple asked for wedding presents, or is there a wishing well? Make sure you read the wedding invitation carefully before you go big on a gift. Some couples will include a separate wishing well card with the wedding invitation explaining gifting instructions, sometimes in the form of a little poem. In short, if they have explicitly asked for money (and many couples do), please give them money.

How much money should I give as a wedding present in Australia?

The average Australian wedding present is usually about $100, but this can differ depending on your individual circumstances, including the following:

  • Your relationship with the couple – the closer you are the more you might like to give, and vice versa.

  • Your own finical position at the time of the wedding – only give what you can afford. Even a small wedding present and your well wishes will be appreciated. The most important thing is to be there to celebrate with the couple.

  • Whether or not you are attending the wedding – if you are very close to the couple you might like to send a wedding present even if you are not attending the wedding. If you are not close sending well wishes in a great congratulations wedding card will most likely be enough.

Wedding presents outside of Australia

Wedding presents and traditions differ from culture to culture. What are acceptable wedding presents ideas in Australia, or to an Australian couple, might be considered inappropriate elsewhere. For example many Asian cultures give money at weddings, and the average spend is often higher than in Australia. While Australians typically give money in  wedding greeting cards, in Chinese culture money is often given in a red envelope. Before you attend an international wedding do a little research online, or ask someone who knows the local customs.

Unique wedding gifts Australia

Australia is teeming with wonderful local designers and artists creating handmade products that make perfect unique wedding gifts. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Wedding present ideas for couples who like Australian art

Art prints are a wonderful unique wedding present for a couple who like art, and can hold a lot of sentimental value. There are also many different local Australian artists to choose from to suit your budget and the personal tastes of the couple. Many Melbourne artists sell their work at design markets throughout the year, such as The Finders Keepers Market, or The Big Design Market in December.

Wedding present ideas for close friends

Having a piece of art specially made, like a commission artwork, to celebrate the love of the newlyweds and to commemorate the wedding day is a fantastic and extremely meaningful unique wedding gift. Commission artworks can be priced anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars, because of the time and skill put in by the artist to create them. If the couple are very dear to you this is a wonderful unique wedding gift idea. If you head down this path make sure you give the artist plenty of time to create the commission artwork, and respect their skill and creative process.

Wedding present ideas for couples who travel

These impossibly beautiful leather passport pockets by IE Francis are a really special and unique wedding gift idea. They are hand crafted in Melbourne by local artist Isaac Francis, from ethically sourced Australian kangaroo leather. There is also the option to have the passport pockets custom monogrammed with the newlyweds initials, which makes an especially sweet wedding gift if the couple have chosen to have the same last name.

Image by IE Francis

Wedding present ideas for food lovers

A voucher for a restaurant is an excellent alternative to a physical wedding gift or giving money as a wedding gift. Melbourne has no shortage of great restaurants in the city and surrounds. Take a look at Attica, Minamishima, or Eau De Vie, just to name a few. If the couple have a honeymoon booked for after the wedding you can gift a voucher for a restaurant in the honeymoon location as a special treat while they are away. It might seem obvious, but don’t just forward your wedding gift voucher to the couple in an email. If there is no physical copy be sure to print out the voucher, and find a really special wedding card to slip the voucher in, alongside a nice message.

What to write in a wedding card

As we have mentioned, if you are giving a gift such as money or a gift voucher you should give it to the couple in a thoughtful wedding card, along with your well best wishes. Here are some ideas for what to write in a wedding card.

  • Mention the journey the couple have been on to get to where they are now. You can commend them on overcoming any obstacles or struggles they faced on their way to being together, or if it’s been relatively smooth sailing you can congratulate them on that too!

  • Share memories of good times you’ve had with the couple together, or individually.

  • Let the couple know how excited you are to see them starting on this new adventure together.

  • Congratulations, and thanks for the party! Any wedding big or small takes a bit (or a lot) of planning, so it’s nice to let them know you appreciate all the effort they have put into the big day.

Are you engaged or recently married? 

Are you engaged or recently married and looking for a way to thank your guests for the wedding gifts? Check out our blog post on tips for writing wedding thank you cards!



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